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Pro Capital Wealth Management was founded in 2018 by Cory Procter. Cory was just like everyone that are a product of our life experiences. When he was in high school he got into a car accident that leave them a burden. He also lost loved ones and experienced sickness and witness how fast medical bills rise up. He then played in the National Football League for the Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, and Miami Dolphins, he became a Pro Athlete.

He saw how athletes lost their money due to bad spending habits and investments, someone he knows lost millions that’s when he decided to make sure it would not happen to him, to his family, and to everyone. So he made a goal and find learn everything he could about money. Cory’s idea of being proactive about assets and investment turned into Pro Capital Wealth Management.

Our mission and commitment are to help you protect your asset and your family’s future.

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