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Lessons We Can Learn  from the NFL Draft

Lessons We Can Learn  from the NFL Draft

April 27, 2022

I loved my time in the NFL. It taught me a lot of life lessons but I did not expect to share them with you and relate them to finance. Sports can teach us the value of perseverance, hard work, and keeping focused on our goals.  Fewer than 2% of college football players are expected to play in the NFL - that's 254 individuals picked out of over 16,000 aspiring to the league.  So, what can we learn from it?

Do your job

Coach Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots and a six-time Super Bowl champion, built his whole coaching style around this simple golden rule. Football is a highly technical sport with complex game strategies. To be effective, those plans must be performed flawlessly by both players and coaches. Thus,  It's critical to approach your job obligations with a desire to accomplish them flawlessly, whether you're just starting your career or nearing retirement. Why? A better career performance might lead to a higher income or an advancement.  

Work on the problem and make adjustments

Football throws a lot of challenges your way. You might think you've called the best play, only to get sacked from behind by an edge rusher! To quickly assess game situations and make decisions, use a mental conditioning technique known as neutral thinking. Keep focused and take the gradual measures necessary to reach your goal if you face difficulty (in life or at business).

Put extra effort

 "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra," said Hall of Fame Coach Jimmy Johnson, who challenged his players and staff to go above and beyond. Johnson led the Dallas Cowboys to back-to-back Super Bowl titles in 1993 and 1994, proving that hard work pays dividends. Find ways to put in that extra effort - it will help you get closer to your goal!

Defense wins championships

According to legendary Alabama Coach Bear Bryant despite the fact that the modern game is generally offensive-oriented, this advice still holds true! Remember the Rams-Patriots Super Bowl in 2019? That was an all-out defensive brawl! We're surrounded by offers and temptations in life, and being disciplined and focused on the long-term goal can be difficult. Stick to your game plan and remember that defense wins championships when temptation strikes - to purchase that new car, go on vacation, or borrow money.

Are you now ready to put together your game plan? Reach us now and we will help you start your game plan and land your desired goal.